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Lay-A-Way or I just HAVE to have these!!

Join our Lay-a-way Plan.   It's easy!

Just send us a list of the items you want.  We will send you an invoice with your payment schedule.  The payment schedule will be
either 2 or 4 payments, one every 3 weeks. depending on your balance. No additional fees!  A deposit of $15.00 is required and will be applied to your last payment.

Minimum balance to qualify for lay-a-way is $45.00. Balances less than $75.00 will be set up with a 2 payment schedule.  Balances greater than $75.00 will be eligible for the 4 payment schedule.  Your goodies will be shipped upon final payment.

You will receive an invoice with the due date.  You will have a 7 day grace period.  If you miss a payment, your items will be returned to stock, money refunded with the exception of the $15.00 deposit.  You can pay via Paypal or credit card. 

You can add to your 'stash' or pay off early at any time.  :-)

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Classic Collection Starter Sets - 'Vintage Neutral' colors Collection


Classic Collection Starter Sets - Primitive colors Collection


Classic Collection Starter Sets - Simply Beautiful


Starter Sets - 'Bright Colors' Collection


Starter Sets - Classic colors Collection


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