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March Musings!

Princess Proclamations

Hello, my friends.

We hope that you all can see the teasing of Spring coming in your neck of the woods.  We have daffodils trying to push up through the cold earth, even with a wind chill of 8 degrees this AM.  BRRRR.  As much as I like snow, I've had just about enough of the cold. 

Let's see.  What's been happening at the Castle?  Oh.  The Birthday Club has been well received.  If you haven't signed up, you can find a link on our website.  Just for having a birthday, you will receive a special coupon that allows a discount of 20% for your entire birthday month.  AND a little gift from the Peddler and me just to say 'thanks' for helping make our dream come true.

The Nashville Market has come and gone and with it, lots of really beautiful patterns have been released.  Below is a sampling of just some of the fabulous patterns that we have brought in.  You can find them under the 'Nashville 2018' category on our website.

                           Christmas Quilts              Springtime Bunnies       Keeper of the Pins

                 Fruitful Valley                                               School Days

I wanted to be sure that you cat/Halloween lovers saw this oh too adorable pattern by Stacy Nash.  Now, I'm not a cat fan (I'm a dog person!)but I do love Halloween and when I saw this, I knew I had to bring it in for you all.  Stacy has created a series called 'Animal Crackers' and this little guy just stole my heart!  Find it under 'What's New' or just search by the pattern name.

                                                              Animal Crackers - Oliver

Did you know
that we can make practically ANY pattern a kit?  We can make a threadpack and provide most linens/fabrics for practically all patterns.  Some linens/fabrics are custom order hand-dyed linens and may take a couple weeks for us to get for you, but if you are patient, we can get them for you. We obviously can't stock all threads and all linens (but wouldn't that be wonderful??) but we do have access to them all.   If you are interested in a kit, just email us through our 'Contact Us' form on our website with the pattern name and we can quote you the price.  If you decide to go ahead with the kit,  we will ask that you order the pattern through the website (it's easier for us to track inventory if it's done through our computer system) and we will email you an invoice for the fabric and threads. Unfortunately, we can't place your special order with our suppliers until the invoice has been paid.

Don't forget about the new  CCN series 'Welcome to the Forest'.  We are offering this as an 'auto-ship' club and the first pattern is scheduled to be released this month. We have the called for fabrics and thread packs in stock.  Have you signed up?  Email us at to join. 

Until next time, be kind to each other.

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