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The Birthday Club!

Princess Proclamations

Hi friends.

Just a quick note to tell you about our latest 'fun' club, The Birthday Club.  If you have a birthday, you can join!  Ha Ha!  Actually, if you send us your name, mailing address, email address along with the month and day of your birthday, you will receive a little 'something special' from us for your birthday AND a discount coupon that will be valid for your entire birthday month.  Let me write that again - your ENTIRE birthday month.  What? Have we lost our mind?  Nope.  We are just very blessed to have so many dear stitchy friends that has made The Princess & the Peddler a realization of a long time dream.   And we want to thank you!

So, you can send us your contact info three different ways:
                  1.   Use the 'Contact Us' form on our website

                  2.   Send us a message through our Facebook page

                  3.   Send us an email at:

OK, so send us those birthdays! 

Until next time,

The Princess & the Peddler
120 Pembridge Court, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054