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June is here and I have a wedding to get to!

Princess Proclamations
Hello, again, fellow stitchers.   I hope you are keeping your needles busy.  I find that summer is a great time to work on smaller projects, like Christmas ornaments, orneries, pin tucks, and the like. We have a big variety of small projects on our website.  Check 'em out.

I have been adding lots of new patterns, almost on a weekly basis, actually.  I have my supplier on 'speed-dial'.  :-)   The problem is that my personal stash is getting out of control.  I find SO many patterns that I want for myself so I buy some for you and one for me.  If I live to be 100, I'll never get these all stitched!  Anyway, one thing that I am pretty excited about is that I am working with a new supplier for hand dyed linens.  More to come later on this.

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, my youngest is getting married.  Twelve days and counting!  For those of you who have planned weddings, you know what a crazy time this can be!  And here is the lovely couple:

This is truly a bittersweet time for me.  I am beyond thrilled with Josh's choice for a wife.  My prayer for them is a long and happily married life.  The bittersweet part comes because my mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has been given a very short time with us.  My prayer for her is that her passing is peaceful.

To honor the soon to be newlyweds, let's have a sale.  How about 15% off everything EXCEPT the needle nannys.  They are already priced at a little below my cost.     To get the sale, just type in the coupon field:  WEDDING  when you check out.  This will last for one week - ending June 11.

I know this is short, but I promise to make it up to you in the next newsletter.  Keep stitching, my friends.

Need to reach me?  Here you go:

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Peace and love,

The Princess & the Peddler



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