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Getting Ready!

Princess Proclamations
February 27, 2017

Hope you all are working on your next needle inspired heirloom.  I have a couple projects going at the same time; normal for me.  I like to mix things up a little in case I get tired or bored, I can switch back and forth.  Believe it or not, I do manage to complete projects. 

You have all seen where I have been writing about the Nashville Market that begins this Friday.  YAY!  There are 130 vendors, mostly  designers,  that will be attending and presenting some of their new designs for 2017.  How exciting for all us needleworkers!  I previewed a few designers on my Facebook page and I think we are all in for a treat.

To make way for the new designs, I am going to offer an incredible deal for you on existing patterns in our shop.  All patterns are being offered with a discount of 25%.  WHAT!?!?!   That's crazy, you say!  Yes , it is.  But we want to carry these new design and simply don't have the space to keep everything and add even more.  We are currently carrying over 200 patterns and fabrics for your enjoyment.  I can easily add 200 more from the show!  So, we both win with this great deal. 

To take advantage of this deal, which will be good through 3/14/2017, simply type this code in at checkout:  Nashville

Click on the link below to see what YOU need to add to your stash!

The Princess & the Peddler Facebook page

Peace and love,

The Princess & the Peddler



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